Alumni exhibition launches at TCU Art Galleries

Every other year, TCU Art Galleries hosts an exhibition that features the work of current faculty members. That tradition is now complemented by an alumni art exhibition.

Opening today and running through Oct. 27, Home Base, the inaugural alumni exhibition featuring the works of Carol Benson, John Frost and Candace Hicks, opens in the Moudy Gallery. The artists use simple materials to tell stories, create a sense of play and reflect the shape and forms of a house using a variety of media.

Benson (’02) is a modern artist who concentrates on ancient domestic themes, reducing her subjects, such as houses, to their most basic form. She examines the contrast of “privacy and exposure, surface and depth, appearance and content.”

Frost (’00), on the other hand, focuses on the physical manipulation of ordinary materials, such as lumber, to demonstrate an individual’s existence in an environment of excess.

Contrasting both is Hicks (’09) who creates images that are transformed through the use of a lens to reveal an alternative view. Embedded in each image are clues that connect the individual elements to tell a story.

“This project affords us an opportunity to enhance our connections with alumni and showcase their talent,” said Sara-Jayne Parsons, Gallery director. “It is an ideal complement to the faculty exhibition as it will rotate in the project’s off years.”

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